3/30/07 Old Data or Garbage in-Garbage out.

It is truly a sad commentary of our system when our city planners hide under their desks to avoid answering questions about a project with such far reaching ramifications as the Pueblo Avenue Sub-Division, but I'm sorry to say that was exactly what was happening for months while this developer (Bill Foote SWD Inc.) tiptoed around and was given approval after approval after approval and we submitted unanswered request after unanswered request for documents and files.
It finally took our councilman filing a motion demanding answers before the planning dept would give in and let us have a look at what was going on in our own backyards. I have serious reservations about allowing them into our neighborhood again, and if you thought the hacks across the street (MHC) were unscroupulous, we found the leader of the pack in Mr. Foote.
This guy is a snake in sharks clothing, The list of underhanded con jobs he pulled on us while
he was getting approvals for 35022 are choir boy pranks compared to the deceit he has used
on others.
I can reference a handful of projects where he has lied, cheated, reneged or breached his word [cough hack spit choke] and left a trail of disgruntled people in his wake, and nobody is immune
to his wrath, he'll screw poor people rich people old people young people working people professional people city people rural people he is the epitome of the equal opportunity sh!t disturber. And thats his good side.
Why anyone would get in bed with this dirtbag is beyond me, unless of course he was paying them, but we all know better than that ...right?? Our planning department has done everything except print their name on his business cards to show where their loyalty and priorities lie.
Where can we buy a planner of our own? One who will take the common sense approach and put this 23 year old dog to bed. EIR 17-284 Has served it's maker well, it's just old and tired and needs replacement now.

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