3/14/07 City Corruption, Fact or Fiction

When I reconstructed the timeline above, I was very careful to check and double check the dates. Most of the data that was collected by myself and others was obtained directly from city records.
Anyone who has ever dealt with the planning department, bureau of engineering, grading department, plans check, or department of building and safety knows that in order for Mr Foote to have his project and all of the associated plans approved by every department in less than two months, somebody on the inside was pushing it hard.
Common sense tells us that there should never be any reason for any of the departments to hurry a project to beat a developers deadline.
I'll bet we can find thousands of projects that never got built because the developer missed his final deadline for approvals, it has been sai that the process is already unbearably long and tedious, that is of course unless you have the unseen advantage. Developers cry foul every day because some bureaucratic red tape unfairly slowed his plans down. What makes William (Wild Bill) Foote immune to all that?
Answer that question and you'll have city officials jumping out of their 6th floor windows.

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