Resolution #64=Prop 84 dollars

ALWAYS READ THE RED PRINT!!! Hey about Elephant Hills ?? The 'poster child' for prop 84 monies.

APR 1 3 2007

WHEREAS, any offcial position ofthe City of Los Angeles with respect to legislation, rules, regulations
or policies proposed to or pending before a local, state or federal governmental body or agency must have first
been adopted in the form of a Resolution by the City Council with concurence of the Mayor; and
WHEREAS, Proposition 84, a $5.4 billion initiative which gained statewide voter approval, seeks to
provide critically needed funding to ensure the availability of safe drnking water, improve local water supply
reliability, strengthen flood protection, and preserve California's natural landscapes, including parks, lakes, rivers,
beaches, bays, ocean and coastline; and
WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles is the second largest City in the United States and is home to nearly
4 milion people, representing 11 percent of the State's population; and
WHEREAS, the voters of the City have voiced a strong interest in the funding oflocal multi-benefit
projects, related to water quality and parks, through the passage of Proposition "0," Proposition 84 and previous
environmental initiatives; and
WHEREAS, the City wishes to ensure that it receives itsJair share of funding from Prop 84 and other
statewide bonds; and
WHEREAS, to ensure greater funding, the City should seek the inclusion oflanguage in implementing
legislation, related to Proposition 84, that emphasizes fuding for urban areas; and
WHEREAS, Proposition 84 stormwater programs should give priority to local projects that reduce and
capture ruoff and conserve water in urbanized areas; and
WHEREAS, wherever appropriate, Proposition 84 programs should give fuding preference to local,
multipurpose flood management projects that enhance open space and increase habitat in urbanized areas; and
WHEREAS, it is paramount that any implementing legislation ensure that park funding is directed
towards areas with the highest poverty rates and the least amount of open space
; and
WHEREAS, implementing legislation should contain provisions for funding to support urbanized
communities and ensure that smaller projects, such as pocket parks, are competitive with larger projects;
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, with the concurence of the Mayor, that by the adoption of this
Resolution, the City of Los Angeles hereby declares its intent to include in its 2007-2008 State Legislative
Program SUPPORT for language in implementing legislation, related to Proposition 84, that provides for the
following associated with water quality/flood control and parks:
Water Quality & Flood Control:
Proposition 84 water and flood-related programs should be designed to give additional consideration or
priority to projects such as the following:
. Local projects that reduce and captue runoff in urbanized areas which create
"soft infrastrctue" such as bioswales, day-lighting of streams,
utilizing open
space as stormwater/runoff spreading grounds for infiltration. 'lrr. ~ .
1-00 ß'b
projects in urbanized areas that consere water through land use
such as smart irrgation systems, climate appropriate landscaping,
zero discharge developments;
. Local multipurose flood management projects that enhance open space and
increase habitat in urbanized areas;
Projects that can provide significant local matching funds.
. Prority for fuding should be given to urban greening projects that integrate multiple
benefits such as climate appropriate landscaping, natual water management features
(stormwater capture and treatment), ecological restoration, social recreation, open space,
job creation and training;
. Funding should favor communities with the greatest need for park resources, specifically
urban areas with high rates of povert and the least amount of open space;

Funding should be provided in a manner that ensures that smaller projects (pocket parks),
located in urban communities, are competitive with larger projects in non-urban areas;
. Funding should be provided in a manner that ensures that funding recipients provide low
income communities
with meaningful outreach and technical assistance associated with
project development and implementation;
. Priority for funding be given to projects that provide significant local matching funds.
Urban Waterways
. For the sections of Prop 84 that address flood protection, urban stream restoration and
expand the California River Parkways Act of 2004, funding critea should support multi-objective
urban river and stream revitalization efforts such as the Los Angeles River
Revitalization Plan.
Urban Forestry
. Urban Greening and Urban Forestry funding from Proposition 84, Chapter 9,
should be allocated to projects and programs such as Milion Trees LA that are
designed to help green and revitalize California's urban communties.
APR 1 ..
Councilmember, 13th Distrct

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