To The Los Angeles City Council

Honorable Councilmembers-
On Wednesday June 20th you will be asked to cast a vote for or against further
environmental review of a housing development that was designed before some of you
were in High School. I speak of the Pueblo Ave Subdivision or tract 35022 in Elephant
Hills, District 14 in the City of El Sereno.
There is no question whether there is a need for a subsequent Environmental Impact
Report or not, it is obvious when the data in the original report pre-dates the discovery
of liquefaction hazards, subterranean water systems and recent seismological activity
around the proposed location.
The argument is of a legal nature and the mis information given by the Representatives
of the developer as well as their threats of lawsuits has only given further motivation to
opponents of the plan to get to the truth of the matter and get the facts out there on the
table so we can start to find a solution to this long time stand off.
If you agree with the community and the hundreds of concerned residents that this
review is necessary in light of the mountains of evidence which has been assembled to
oppose this ill-fated project then let your constituents know by ordering further review
of the plan, the developer who is proposing it and the City Departments who have
painted themselves into a corner that they can't escape without your full support and

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