10/16/07 Elephant Hills Action Alert

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City Council Hearing on Building Permits for

Elephant Hills

October 15, 2007

Please call upon the Los Angeles City Council to appeal of the Board of Public Works’ (BPW) recent action on Tract 35022 and deny the building permits for the controversial development of 24 luxury homes on Elephant Hills. The City Council will hold a hearing on this matter at 10 AM, Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 in City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Room 340, Los

Angeles, CA 90012.
We must fill the room!!

Earlier this month, the Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee voted 2 – 0 recommending that the City Council uphold the appeal of the building permits for this project made by NRDC and Chatten-Brown & Carstens. The vote was based on testimony that the building permit for this unusual project is discretionary in nature as well as substantial new information that was not addressed in the original EIR.

With regard to new information, documentation submitted by the developer to the City in 2006 demonstrates that Tract 35022 has expanded substantially beyond what was originally approved in 1993. A recent scientific evaluation of the natural resources of Tract 35022 found the existence of an intermittent spring and natural water course, and environmental impacts resulting from the expanded scope of the project, none of which were covered in the original EIR.

Please take action today to ensure public safety for all and equal environmental protections under the law for El Sereno residents. Together we can continue to make a difference!


Attend the City Council meeting at 10 AM, on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007, in Council Chambers, Room 340, City Hall, 200 North Spring Street (enter on Main). WE MUST FILL THE ROOM!

Write, E-mail or call, each City Councilmember urging them to appeal the BPW action on Tract 35022 and deny the building permits. See the sample letter attached. The mailing address for all Councilmembers is: 200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.
Email your letter to:
· Ed Reyes (CD 1) - jill.souriel@lacity.org - (213) 473-7001
· Wendy Gruel (CD 2) - dale.thrush@lacity.org - (213) 473-7002
· Dennis Zine (CD 3) – jonathan.brand@lacity.org - (213) 473-7003
· Tom LaBonge (CD 4) – renee.weitzer@lacity.org - (213) 473-7004
· Jack Weiss (CD 5) – denise.sample@lacity.org - (213) 473-7005
· Tony Cardenas (CD 6) – vanessa.soto@lacity.org - (213) 473-7006
· Richard Alarcon (CD 7) – jose.sigala@lacity.org - (213) 473-7007
· Bernard Parks (CD 8) – dilara.rodriguez@lacity.org - (213) 473-7008
· Jan Perry (CD 9) – greg.fischer@lacity.org - (213) 473-7009
· Herb Wesson (CD 10) – andrew.westall@lacity.org - (213) 473-7010
· Bill Rosenthal (CD 11) – grieg.asher@lacity.org - (213) 473-7011
· Greig Smith (CD 12) – phyllis.winger@lacity.org - (213) 473-7012
· Jose Huizar (CD 14) – jessica.wethingtonmclean@lacity.org - (213) 473-7014
· Janice Hahn (CD 15) – frank.hong@lacity.org - (213) 473-7015


October 15, 2007

Sharon Gin
Los Angeles City Council
City Hall
200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Motion Regarding Tract 35022 on Elephant Hill in El Sereno (File #: 04-1413)

Dear Ms. Gin:

As a Los Angeles resident I urge you to support the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee recommendation to appeal the recent action of the Board of Public Works and deny the building permit, final parcel map and other permits associated with the Tract 35022 (File # 04-1413).

I also urge you to reaffirm the City Council’s previous action to require a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for this controversial development of luxury homes on Elephant Hill in El Sereno.

This appeal is warranted given the discretionary nature of the building permit for Tract 35022 and the following new information regarding the project that has come to light since its approval and certification of the original EIR: 1) the existence of an intermittent stream and natural water course; and, 2) the expansion of Tract 35022 to include adjacent properties, other tracts and plans, as well as additional grading and street construction.

In closing, I urge the City Council to appeal the building permits for Tract 35022 and reaffirm the requirement for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report that the Council voted for on June 20, 2006. Given the atypical nature of the project and building permits, your action will not set a precedent but, in fact, ensure public safety and equal environmental protection under the law for the residents of El Sereno.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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