1/28/08 Mesa Verde still alive and well

In a recent post I told you about rumors that Mesa Verde (Developers) was suffering great financial woes. This is not the case, I have it on very good authority that Mesa Verde is indeed still very much alive and well and doing business as usual.
My apologies to the powers that be at MV are in order and are hereby pubically offered with my humble regrets for publishing an unconfirmed rumor in the first place. I don't wish any ill will onto Mesa Verde or its personnel and will do my best to make sure everything I publish in the future is completely accurate as I have taken great care to insure everything contained in this blog is %100 accurate so far.

On a happier note, It would appear that all parties are ready to sit down at the bargaining table and attempt to come to a resolution that everyone can live with. I'll keep you posted.

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