After almost a year...

Save Elephant Hills supporters-
As many of you are already aware the city of Los Angeles with the support of hundreds of eastside residents have been involved in a land use skirmsh with an out of town developer who is attempting to build a tract of approx 24 homes in the Northeast corner of the city using grossly outdated environmental impact data and many times grandfathered entitlements as well as obsolete geological information.
Residents in the communities of El Sereno and Hermon have expressed their concerns for their safety and the integrity of their property and it's value as well as a great concern for the preservation of the character of their neighborhoods and few remaining hillsides.
In October of 2007 the city of los angeles city council sided with the residents and ordered the developer to get a new EIR and reevaluate the newly expanded project area and perform more soil and hydrology tests to insure the safety of residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed project.
When the City Council voted 13-2 to require more testing and for more current data to be compiled all the developer had to do was comply with the rules which every other developer has to comply but rather than spend a few hundred thousand dollars to make sure the project was safe by todays standards they opted to fight the city council and demand that permits be issued using 20+ year old environmental impact data and grossly inaccurate geological data.
Residents and the City Council are not the only ones who feel the injustice, the Natural Resourses Defense Council (NRDC) and land use specialists Chatten, Brown and Carstens have taken the case to the authorities and filed suit against the developer in Superior Court and are awaiting a hearing to decide the validity of their case. This 'no-brainer' shouldn't suprise anyone and we all expect the outcome to be the ordering of a new EIR for the proposed project.
This fight is far from over, with the housing market in one of it's most over inflated conditions we've ever seen the developers will fight to the nth degree to keep this project alive, hopefully the bubble will burst soon and bring the cost of housing in California (and the nation) back to the realm of sanity so these money hungry out of town parasites can crawl back under their rock for another 20 years and leave our hills alone.

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