Motion, Supplemental EIR for tract 35022

On July 13, 1993, the Council approved the Pueblo Subdivision, located at 4999 Lathrop Street in Northeast Los Angeles, filing the subdivision as a Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 35022.
The Council-approved a 24-10t single family subdivision that was processed along with a certified Environmental Impact Report, EIR No. 172-84 (SUB)(REC), including a Statement of Overriding Considerations.
From the time of its approval, Council District 14 constituents have expressed concerns
regarding the Pueblo Subdivision, and its potential impacts to health and the environment.
From the time of approval, there have been significant changes to the Pueblo Subdivision project that appear to trigger the need for additional environmenta review, including: i) incorporation of adjacent properties, and other subdivision tracts and maps into the grading plan for the Pueblo Subdivision;
and 2) expanded grading and street constrction that exceeds the original tract boundaries, plans and-project description. - -Since certification of the previous Erivironmental Impact Report, new information thàt was not or could not have been known at the time of approval of the Pueblo Division has come to the fore, including new information on the hydrology of the hilside and the presence of an extensive, natural, subterranean water system.
From the time of approval, none of the subterranean water system including steams, swales and related water hazards such as the sinkhole created by workers on Subdivision property on April 14,2006, are identified,mentioned or otherwise addressed in the draft or final Environmental Impact Report.
It is imperative that any concerns that remain relative to the permitting and environmental clearance of this subdivision be addressed and that the City, after making a fact-based evaluation open to public participation, further make the determination that changes to the project design and new information of significant importance trigger the need for a subsequent or supplemental Environmental Impact Report.
I THEREFORE MOVE that the Council instruct the Planning Department, the Los Angeles
Department of Building and Safety, and the Bureau of Engineering, with the assistance of the City Attorney, to prepare a report in 30 days that determines whether the most recent grading plans and designs for the Pueblo Subdivision, evaluated against the previous Environmental Impact Report No. i 72-85 (SUB)(REC) and its associated Statement of Overrding Considerations, trigger the need for a subsequent or supplemental Environmental Impact Report; whether new information of substantial importance related to the hydrology of
the hillside triggers the need for a subsequent or supplemental Environmental Impact Report; whether all feasible mitigation measures, in light of substantial changes to the project and new information, have been incorporated into the Pueblo Subdivision project; and whether any other circumstances exist that would merit conducting furter environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act, including CEQA Guidelines sections 15162-15164.
I FURTHER MOVE that no discretionar, ministerial action, or approval be granted for the Pueblo Subdivision or any portion thereof by the Planning Department, the Los Angeles Deparment of Building and Safety, and the Bureau of Engineering, until the above-described report is presented to the CounciL.
Jose Huizar
Councilman, 14th District

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