PLUM Committee meets, has more questions than...

April 10, 2007- Room 350 City Hall. Two thirds of the PLUM committee met this afternoon to (among other business) hear the BOE's report detailing their findings on the all important 'cumulative impact' section of the CEQA code. They were anticipating a full comprehensive interpretation of sections 15355 and 21083 in the form of a report delivered by the BOE, but yesterday when they received the draft of an incomplete report it seemingly raised more questions than it answered.
Evidenced by the 10 or so motions ordered by Jose Huizar, the PLUM committee's second in command after the absent Ed Reyes and the lack of answers provided by the BOE's own Hadar Plafkin who spent all of 6 and 1/2 long minutes testifying before the committee the questions outnumbered the answers 10 to 1. Jack Weiss, the third PLUM seat holder had some questions of his own, not that it mattered, answers weren't exactly flowing from Plafkin's lips. In fact Mr. Weiss too had to resort to ordering a motion be drafted to address his specific issue.
The specifics of the questions will be forthcoming as soon as I have a chance to look over the staff report and transcript from the meeting. The sum of the action taken today was a 45 day extension for the departments to get it right and to allow more input from people like me, who actually give a damn. That makes May 25th the magic number if they take this deadline more seriously than the previous one. (the report was actually due almost a month ago, but somehow was pushed back until this afternoon) Citizens aren't complaining , we would much rather have this done right than fast.

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