SEH 'continued' until Tue June 5th

OK listen fast cause I'm only sayin' this once: This morning Save Elephant Hills got a call from Jose Huizars staff to say that our item was being continued until next week because they hadn't received our submittals until this morning and the committee needed time to review them.
Perfectly understandable given the three day weekend. I do question the fairness of the time
lines though, four months and change to prepare the report, one work week less a day for our response.
I have confidence that our PLUM Committee will pour over every issue pointed out in our
response and get sound legal advice from our City Attorneys. When it is determined that a new
EIR is required we must be ready to start a new phase of this process, the whole thing starts over again, this time perhaps the public voice will be heard,and respected.

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dianne said...

Dear Casey:

I just found your site, and sent off a letter using the sample template to Jose Huizar's office. Would you like a copy?

And is there a link I can read about the underground water issues in Elephant Hill?

I appreciate everything you're doing.