PLUM Meeting 5-29-07

Tuesday, May 29th the PLUM Committee meets to hear public response to
the City report created by the Planning Department and the Bureau of Engineering
to determine if Elephant Hills deserve a second glance, environmentally speaking
that is.
Residents have again come together, pulled the wagons in a circle and asked some
not-so-tough questions of our City Planners who so far have failed miserably at
answering even the simplest of them. It makes one wonder how many un-contested
projects are engineered to sub standards and what it is going to take to get things right downtown.
The developers approach to planning department issues is to threaten them with
lawsuits and as frivilous as many of them are, they get results, maybe it's time to show
our city planners that sometimes the good guys file lawsuits too, and when the last word is
spoken the winner won't be the guy with the most money. Surprise !

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