Efforts Continue

Continuing our efforts to Save Elephant Hills we find it necessary to request a 'specific plan' be developed for the area. This request will be submitted to the PLUM committee at an upcoming meeting and hopefully will be acted upon immediately in the form of a recommendation to the City Council to create the plan then implement it without delay.
Calls, e-mails and snail mail to the PLUM committee will certainly help them render a sound decision based on community input. This is exactly what we have been working towards for the past several years. Now we need to be unified more than ever with the protection of these hillsides being our common goal.

Urge the individual members of PLUM to recommend a specific plan for El Sereno.
Ed Reyes, Chair: or 213-473-7001
Jose Huizar: or 213-473-7014
Jack Weiss: or 213-473-7005

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