Unanimous Victory

In a unanimous victory, 15 to 0, the City Council voted to assert authority over the Board of Public Works’ recent action to approve the building permit and related items for Tract 35022, the controversial development of 24 luxury homes on Elephant Hill in El Sereno. This matter will now move to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee.

In a powerful show of unity, the Council expressed its displeasure with the Board’s disregard for their legislative authority and action that made an already complex issue even more complicated.

Please take a moment and thank all the Councilmembers for their vote today (see email addresses below). Special thanks and recognition are due to Councilmember Huizar for his persistent and courageous defense of his constituents’ right to environmental protections under the law from those agencies responsible for land use and development. Many thanks are also due to Councilmember Reyes for his eloquent defense of equal environmental and public safety protections for eastside residents while simultaneously addressing open space conservation and watershed improvements.

Approximately 70 people showed up for the hearing including many residents from El Sereno (including among others Ramona Chavez, Olga Quinones, Michael Carreon, Sylvia Wallis, Tom Williamson and Casey Reagan) and greater Northeast LA. Many thanks to Stephanie Taylor, Jonathan Parfrey and Glen Dake of environmental coalition GREEN LA for helping organize the educational outreach and the mobilization for this hearing.

Special thanks also for the groups who turned out numerous attendees including Latino Urban Forum, SCOPE/AGENDA, Northeast Trees and LA-32 Neighborhood Council.

Local elected officials also sent representatives to the meeting including:
Assemblymember Kevin de Leon (District 45)
Assemblymember Anthony Portantino (District 44)
Senator Gloria Romero (District 24)
Helping us fill out one entire side of the chamber were individual representatives from the following organizations:

Audubon Center at Debs Park
Baldwin Hills Conservancy
El Sereno Residents for Responsible Land Use and Development
Glassell Park Improvement Association
Greater El Sereno Chamber of Commerce
Hillside Environmental and Safety Coalition
LA Community Garden Council
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
Mujeres de la Tierra
National Resources Defense Council
Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Save Elephant Hill
Scenic Arroyo Seco

Stay tuned for the details on the actual motion language, the upcoming PLUM hearing and formation of a formal coalition. A replay of the actual hearing will be aired by City of Los Angeles’ Channel 35 tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Thanks to all those who wanted to attend but had to work, but were at the hearing in spirit. Words cannot capture our gratitude to the many individuals and organizations who submitted letters, emails, and calls, and also offered encouragement and support to help us keep pressing on with this campaign.

Mil gracias!
Elva Yanez

· Ed Reyes (CD 1) –
· Wendy Gruel (CD 2) –
· Dennis Zine (CD 3) -
· Tom LaBonge (CD 4) –
· Jack Weiss (CD 5) –
· Tony Cardenas (CD 6) –
· Richard Alarcon (CD 7) –
· Bernard Parks (CD 8) –
· Jan Perry (CD 9) –
· Herb Wesson (CD 10) –
· Bill Rosenthal (CD 11) -
· Grieg Smith (CD 12) –
· Eric Garcetti (CD 13) –
· Jose Huizar (CD 14) –
· Janice Hahn (CD 15) -

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